Offerte Lupin III su

Nice Guy Lupin


Thanks to Roberto Ruccolo

Lupin, he’s a nice man
Why he’s cool, you know, he uses his walther
Yeah, the machine cries, bang bang
Yeah he is Lupin The Third, nice man, yeah he smiles
But he gets angry, sometimes
But, he’s a groovy guy
Yeah, Lupin The Third
Go, go man
You’re got to, feel it!
Yeah Lupin, yeah Lupin
You’re Great!

Music by Takeo Yamashita
Performed by Charlie Kosei (or Corsay or Corsey)

Notes: BGM from 1st TV series, track #49 into CD Album: Lupin the 3rd ’71 ME TRACKS


  • Charlie Kosei (in japanese, official site of singer of Lupin III 1st TV series, Cozy Spot Charlie’s is his pub)