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This is an International Survey

Lupin III in the World

Ferrara, Italy , 05/30/1999

Hi People,
my name is Giovanni Di Chiara and I live in Ferrara, Italy (Europe).
In my country I’ve seen dubbed  in italian all TV series of Lupin III in TV and, in videocassette, firsts ten TV Specials and firsts six movies. 1st Theatrical Movie (Lupin vs. the clone) is gone also in cinema in Italy in 1980.
In 1st, 3rd TV series and in all movies Lupin & gang have original names, while in 2nd TV series Lupin is often renamed “Arsenico detto Lupin” and Fujiko is Margot, because this series has been imported through France.

Now, I’m thinking, in which countries in the world has Lupin been seen? (All except Japan and Italy)

If you want to help me with this survey, please send me an e-mail that contains following answers (in english or italian):
1) Where are you writing from? (Country, i.e. USA, France)
2) What have you seen on Lupin III in TV? (TV series, TV Specials or Movies) Dubbed or with subtitles? (Specify which language, please)
3) Have you ever seen any videocassettes or Laser Disks? Dubbed or with subtitles? (Specify which language, please)
4) Have you ever seen any Movies to the cinema?
5) Do you know Lupin & gang with other names (in your country)? (i.e. in USA Lupin is The wolf or Rupan) (Specify all names that you know, please, i.e. Lupin=Wolf, Daisuke Jigen=Daisuke Jigen, ect)

Thank you for collaboration.
I’ll reply to all your e-mails.
I wait your e-mails.


01/09/98, Lupin III in Belgium and in France

1) Belgium (but the info above is also true for France)
2) the first 52 episodes of the 2nd series dubbed in French (excellent dubbing, french title: “Edgar, le detective cambrioleur), and there’s few censorship.
3) here there’s only Cagliostro available, with 2 different dubs (in French); the 1st one was terribly censored (about 20 minutes were snipped!), but the dub was good, and the 2nd one isn’t censored, but the dub is awful…
4) never. apart from DBZ, there are so few anime shown in cinemas here…
5) in the series:
Lupin= Edgar de la Cambriole
Jigen= Jigen, Auguste, Isidore (it depends)
Goemon= Yokitori, sometimes Goemon
Fujiko= Magali
Zenigata= inspecteur Gaston Lacogne

in Cagliostro:
1st dubbing: Lupin= Vidocq IV
2nd dubbing: Lupin= Wolf

See also:

02/26/99, Lupin III in Spain
[thanks to Gonzo]
1) Spain
2) 1st and 2nd TV series (I don’t know how many episodes)
3) Yes, Manga Films (in Anime Video collection) has released on VHS Castle of Cagliostro and Fuma’s Conspiracy in spanish.
4) Nothing
5) Spanish names:
Lupin = Lupin
Fujiko = Patricia
Jigen = Oscar
Goemon = Francis
Zenigata = Basilio

02/09/2003, Lupin III in Spain
[thanks to Mazochungo]

The series was first aired in 1991 and the last time we could watch Lupin on TV was in 1997.

The channel that aired it was “Tele 5”, a channel belonging to Fininvest / Mediaset.

All TV series aired on Tele5.

[About TV censorship] Episodes from the 1st and 3rd series are not as long as they should (18 or 19 minutes, instead of
20…). However, the second series didn’t have any censorship in the Spanish version!!

I would also let you know the exact Spanish names of the characters:

· Lupin III -> Lupin III
· Jigen Daisuke -> Oscar Fujimoto (yes, FUJIMOTO!!!!)
· Goemon Ishikawa -> Francis Ishikawa
· Fujiko Mine -> Patricia Mine
· Zenigata -> Basilio

There was also a release on VHS of “El castillo de Cagliostro”, “La conspiracion de Fuma” and “El oro de Babilonia” (this one was released BEFORE the series arrived Spain; and it was also aired by Tele 5). All of them had the original names of the characters.

Finally, the Spanish theme from Lupin III was similar to an Italian theme from He-Man… 🙂

07/12/03, Lupin III in the Portugal
[thanks to Isaura Rodrigues]

1) Portugal
2)On the TV, but I think that exist on VHS.
3)Lupin the 3rd = Cliff hanger
5) Lupin = Lupin
Goemon =Goemon
Jigens= Jigens
Zenigata = Paizinho (?) (in portuguese means “Father”)

12/11/99, Lupin III in the Germany
[thanks to Iggy Drougge]

1. I’m writing from the kingdom of Sweden
2. Two years ago or so, Cagliostro no shiro was shown on German TV (Super RTL, I think), under the title of “Hardyman schafft es alles”. I think we can deduct from the title that Lupin was renamed as “Hardyman”.

07/18/01, Lupin III in the Germany
[thanks to Heiko Bunge]

1) Hi there Im writing from Germany and would like to help you update your database,
2) What aired in Germany was the already mentioned “Hardyman räumt auf” which was the first ever climpse of Lupin III on german Television. I think it is interesting to know that this version was interestingly cut up. There are all reverences to goemann have been cut out (besides one 1 sek long scene they missed, which we discovered by accident). For what purpose I can not tell but it has been done rather good technically wise as you only miss it when you have seen the original. Also  the end is rather different as he is staying with the women he loves instead of being chased by the police into the sunset (again no clue why but maybe they thought it a rather unsuitable end for a “cartoon” in germany at that time, but this is only my suggestion).
Currently on German MTV they showd the order to assasinate Lupin as a 4 Part (kind of) TV series under the Titel “Der Höllentrip” A Trip through Hell (roughly translated) an they just started Zuntetsu-Sword is on fire und the Titel “Der goldene Drache” “The golden dragon”. Sync is rather fine (quite good for german  standards) They did a own in- and outro for the the “TV-Series” which is a little NewAge but acceptable. No Cuts detected so far. All in all a odd choice of Film to start the series with but well done. I do not know which other movies they will show at this point but I try to keep you posted.
3) I have seen all the Movies and TV Specials besides Fujikos Unlucky Days and Walther P38 (I just got the later but had no time to watch it yet, shame on me) All of them were Fansubs (jap. with englisch subs), onliest Exeption Castle of Cagliostro which I also own in Englisch Dub and german (as “Hardyman räumt auf” of course) and Legend of Mano and Lady Liberty from Manga Entertaiment as English subs. I have both Miyazaki Episodes of the TV Series as offizial english sub tapes and just got the first 4 TV-Episodes as englisch Fansubs.
4) No sir. Sadly never seen anything Lupin in a Cinema over here, not even on a Convention. But there are rumors there have been a few Conscreenings.
5) I remember that in “Hardyman räumt auf” all Names were off but can´t remember them. I try to dig the tape out and update this message. The “new” screenings keep the original Names.

08/16/01, Lupin III in the Germany new !
[thanks to Heiko Bunge]

An update to the Information about Germany. After a small delay because of the 20th Anniversary of MTV over here they started the third screening, this time it is “Pursuit of Harimao’s Treasure” under the title “Der Schatz des Haimao”. Qualitiy is as with the 2 Parts before. Nothing to complain, good handywork. It is just as before the Releasecycle that sucks because with 5 (!) screenings per week we only get one episode ahead. But this is on a personal level spocken, as a fan I have to admit it is cool that they must think it interesting enough to give it such a huge amount of airtime.

08/29/01, Lupin III in the Germany new !
[thanks to Melanie Rausch]

1) I’m from Germany
2) I’ve seen Mystery of Harimao and  Zantetsu Sword is on fire, as well as another tv special I can’t identify (I didn’t pay attention back then and only saw parts of it, I could kick myself for that now!) – all of them dubbed in german
3) Nope,  I haven’t seen any videocassettes of it yet, but I will order some fansubbed tapes in the next few days
4) No, no Lupin III movies were ever shown in any movie theaters in Germany
5) The names are the same in the German dubbing, but Zenigata is always called Inspektor Zenigata, naturally
09/08/99, Lupin III in Holland
[thanks to Arsene LupinDutch Lupin III]

1. Holland
2. Never seen ..But i know they aired “the castle of cagliostro”. It was dubbed in dutch, title of the movie is “de verborgen stad” (“The hidden city”)
3. Yes, “the castle of Cagliostro” (“de verborgen stad”) only dubbed in dutch
4. No
5. From “de verborgen stad”:
Lupin – Lupin
Fujiko – Rosalie
Zenigata – Ed Cott
Jigen and Goemon don’t get a name

12/11/99, Lupin III in the Kingdom of Sweden
[thanks to Iggy Drougge]

1. I’m writing from the kingdom of Sweden
2. Lupin III has never been shown on TV here
3. In the 80s, one video was published by Walthers Video, called “Lupin III – den otrolige” (“Lupin III – the incredible”). It’s described as an animated version of James Bond. It is derived from an English-dubbed version (produced as a teach aid, perhaps?), and subtitled in Swedish (A translation of a translation, in other words). The video in question is the feature film “Secret of Mamo”.
4. Lupin III has never been shown in the cinema here.
5. In the video, Lupin retains his name, whereas Goemon is called “Samurai”,
Jigen is called “Nick” and Fujiko is called “Margo”.

09/05/97, Lupin in the United States of America

1) I’m in the US.
2) AFAIK, Lupin has never appeared on TV.
3) Lupin has been released on both VHS and LD.
– Castle of Cagliostro and Mystery of Mamo (aka Lupin vs the Clones) were released on VHS by Streamline Pictures (now owned by Orion Pictures) in dubbed format.
– Two 2nd season (or 2nd TV series) episodes (episodes: “145- Albatross, the wings of death” and “155- Aloah Lupin”) were released separately on VHS by Streamline Pictures and then again on one VHS tape in dubbed format.
– Animeigo released released Fuma Conspiracy (subbed and dubbed) and Legend of Gold of Babylon (subbed) on both VHS and LD.
– Several fansubs of Lupin movies and TV specials have been made (Bye bye Liberty, Zantetsu Sword is on fire, Dark order of assassination, Die Nostradamus, Dead or Alive and The secret of Twilight Gemini).

I have personally seen Cagliostro, Mamo, Bye Bye Liberty (fansub),  Zantetsu Sword (fansub), Die Nostradamus (fansub), some 1st season and 2nd season episodes.  I played the game Cliffhanger quite a bit in the arcades and have the entire LD footage of the game on tape.

4) AFAIK, Cagliostro may have had a brief theatre showing.
5) In the LD arcade game _Cliffhanger_, Lupin = Cliff Hanger, Goemon = Samurai.  In Animeigo releases, Lupin = Rupan. In Streamline Pictures releases, Lupin = The Wolf.

08/09/98, Lupin III in Colombia
[thanks to Andres Vilá]

1) Bogota, Colombia
2) Dubbed only 1st TV series
3) nope
4) nope
5) Colombian names (Cliff Hanger TV series):
Lupin = Aramis Lupan
Fujiko = Vanessa
Goemon = Ramon
Jigen = Julian
Inspector Zenigata = Inspector Zuñiga

Lupin III in Argentina (it is ugual for whole Latin-America)

2) Dubbed only 1st TV series (it telecasts on satellite TV: Locomotion), and TV specials from #1 to #9 (it telecasted on satellite TV: The Film Zone, also in Mexico) with title: “Cliff Hanger”
3) nope
4) nope
5) Latin-american names for Cliff Hanger (aka Lupin III 1st TV series):
Lupin = Aramis Lupan
Fujiko = Vanessa
Goemon = Ramon
Jigen = Julian
Inspector Zenigata = Inspector Zuñiga

08/10/98, Lupin III in Brazil
[thanks to José Roque Silva Júnior]

1) Brazil
2) Only 1st TV series, 23 episodes
3) No
4) No
5) The series has called “Cliffhanger”, brasilian names:
Lupin = Aramis Lupin
Zenigata = Zenigata
Jigen = Giulian (Julian)
Fujiko = Vanessa
Goemon = Goemon

04/10/2000, Lupin III in Hong Kong
[thanks to Chi Chung Tse]

1) Hong Kong
2) I remembered  the second TV series were showed on TV around 1984-1985
and its dudded in Cantonese (Chinese).
3) The 2nd movie ‘ The castle of Cagliostro’ was released on VHS in
4) No….:(
5) Chinese names:
Lupin –> Ro-Pan
Daisuke Jigen –>  Tsi-Yoen
Goemon Ishikawa –>  Ng-Yau-Wei- Moun
Fujiko –> Siu-Wong-Fong  (means little bee)
Zenigata’s name? Yeap, I don’t mind. Zenigata’s Cantonese name might be ‘Inspector Chin-yan’. Since most of the Japanese Kanji were Chinese character, we just pronouned his name as if they were Chinese. Same case for Jigen and Goemon.
05/07/99, Lupin III in Australia
[thanks to Nick Findlay]

1) Australia
2) Lupin has NEVER been on ausTV!!!!!!! DAMM YOU TV NETWORK PEOPLES
3) I have seen “Castle of Cagliostro”, “The Secret of Mamo” and “Goodbye Lady Liberty (aka bye bye liberty)”. All on VHS. I own Cagliostro and Mamo. These 3 are the only ones LEGALLY distributed in Aus. They are all dubbed and really besides that, Fansubs are the only thing else you can get
4) No lupin movies in Australia except at Anime Club screenings.
5) In Australia:
Lupin – Wolf
Jigen – Jigen
Goemon – Goemon
Zenigata – Zenigata
Fujiko – Fujiko