Offerte Lupin III su

Lovin’ You (Lucky)


I ain’t got any worries and
I ain’t got any money
But luck seems to follow   Wherever I go
When you said hello
My luck disappeared
You didn’t even know I cared
*I got my Kings and Aces
And I’m winnin’ at the races
But I ain’t lucky
I’f you don’t love me
So maybe I’ll keep tryin’
Till my luck starts turnin’
Till someday maybe you’d love me

**Lucky, I can’t be lucky in love
All my four leaf clovers can’t do me no good
Funny, just when I needed to be lucky
Couldn’t help but loving you
Lovin’ you…

God good luck charms to offer
But they don’t win you over
Better think of something else to do
But now I learned to love you
Don’t know what to do
So hopelessly in love with you

(Repeat *)
(Repeat **)

Lyrics by Yoko Narahashi
Music by Yuji Ohno
Performed by Tommy Snyder (Godiego)

Notes: from “Shin Lupin III” (2nd TV Series) Original Soundtrack